Дончо Пачиков

Doncho Pachikov
3 Geo Milev str , Sofia, doncho@gmail.com, 0878 374127

1996 – up to now

Unitec Ltd – Germany, BTC Ltd
Services, System administrator, web developer
- Preparation and optimization of the web page, HTML, PHP, CSS, Java Script, DB, CMS, SEO, mobile web pages, Google AddWords campaigns, products for image processing, registered and follow the results referencing.
- Help to start-up companies in the area of IT.
- Linux, MySQL, Oracle (basic), and Java (basic).
- The choice of the name, domain and hosting, drawing on the new web page, page optimization for SE, upload directly to the server via (FTP).
- Update the websites, writing articles for publication on the Internet.
- Development and maintenance of Internet magazines (Summer Cart and other central), advertising in social media.
- Optimization of the Internet as a delivery price and quality.
- Design and construction of computer networks, TCP / IP, security measures on the network.
- Installation of new programs and software.
- Lecturer – Computer network, tools for Internet Marketing and Management. Training to work with it.
- Online consultations to customers USA, Germany, Russia.
- Working languages – English and Russian.


–         UWNE – Sofia, Master of Economics, Patent Specialist, since 1991

–        Engineer, Master of Electronics – Military academy in D. Mitropolia, since 1978

–        Doctor ,  Optimal control for big systems – Moskow, 1998

Owned pleven.net – start from 14.07.1998

Owned Bulgaria-map.com – start from 18.11.2004

Old project:

1. From 2002 to 2006 – Front End Developer - Online selling calling cards – international + online and phone customer support (English and Russian) all over The World. Company: Unitec LTD – Germany (do not work in this moment)

2. Google add sense – from 2002 to 2007

Last projects:

 1.      Online education, distance learning, WordPress + Pluggins + mobile version, in process, based on http://www.pleven.net/

2. Prise “John Atanasov for education” – http://www.bulgaria-map.com/category/john-atanasov/ . The project is created from NGO Memory. I was as  web developer and manager together with NGO Memory, High School of Economics in Pleven, Tammara Burton – granddaughter of John Atanasov, Academic Sendov – Ambassador of Bulgaria in Japan, ret. , Foundation TangraTanAnkRa with chairman Mr. Kolev. Now I am in contact with President Parvanov, ret and President Plevneliev in connection with possibilities of develops the conditions and rules.

3. Project “USPEH” – http://www.bulgaria-map.com/Staroseltsi/, Teacher, in collaboration with more than 50 Bulgarian schools abroad.

4. Education in small schools – rural regions Cluster in collaboration with 450 small schools in Bulgaria and with information support of MON. Web developer

5. Historical review of Pleven region – http://www.bulgaria-map.com/memory/ – web developer. Together with Union of officers in reserve in Bulgaria, Romania and Finland.

6. Solar energy – http://www.bulgaria-map.com/solar-energy-project/ Seek for investors and partners to open a solar energy show room. How to use solar energy for you home and to do not pay for electricity. Manager.

Some of my students’ web pages (in process)

  1. http://www.bulgaria-map.com/polezni-vrazki/
  2. http://bulgaria-map.com/profesionalen-grim/
  3. http://www.bulgaria-map.com/kartichki/
  4. http://bulgaria-map.com/kashta-za-gosti/Pri-bratiata/
  5. http://bulgaria-map.com/kashta-za-gosti/

За домейн http://www.pleven.net/ – позиции в Google, постигнати за  3 месеца.

http://www.pleven.net/ има и мобилна версия, като типа на мобилното устройство се проверява автоматично. Само опитайте.

онлайн обучение оракъл – 3 позиция, от 369 000

онлайн обучение html css – 11 позиция от 1 200 000

дистанционно обучение html css – 4 позиция от 230 000

дистанционно обучение интернет програмиране – 5 позиция от 11 300

дистанционно обучение оракъл – 1 и 2 позиции от 146 000

дистанционно обучение андроид – 1 позиция от 176 000

онлайн обучение андроид – 2 позиция от 84 000 000


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